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Mario and Sylvain chose TAKTAK !

Philippe is happy to have met TAK TAK!

Chris from Antwerp is selling his Porsche!

Determination of the selling price

What choices do you have to sell your car ?


Without a warranty, it is hard to convince a private buyer and you remain responsible for possible breakdowns within 6 months

 You continue to use the car

 You manage all the calls and buyers yourself

 You remain responsible of problem with the car for 6 months

 Private buyers rarely trust private sellers for important transactions


The best compromise : a better price for you and a buyer found quickly thanks to the TAKTAK pro warranties

You continue to use the car

 You see only serious buyers filtered by TAKTAK

 TAKTAK warranties the car for 12 months and takes all the responsibility

 Buyers are convinced by the professional service and the warranty


Financially the least beneficial for you because the car dealers have a lot of fixed costs and have to make important margin

 You do not use the car

 You do not need to find and manage buyers

 Your are not responsible for possible breakdowns

 You sell way below the real value of your car

Our services

The easiest way to sell at the best price


We audit the car to determine the best price. 

We check the car’s history including the maintenance book completion.


We find a buyer for the price we promised you. 

On average, we sell the car within 10 days thanks to the warranty and online marketing.


We manage and secure the whole process.

You do not need to know how and what to do, we help and secure you.


Sell your car at the best price, quickly and without any trouble.

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