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Sylvain found the car of his dreams

They came from Spain for TAKTAK !

Fair price determination

What choices do you have to buy your car ?

Buy yourself from a private seller

Without mechanical and electronic expertise and without professional diagnostic equipment, you take a risk which may cost you a lot.

 Cheaper than a car dealer

 More expensive than TAKTAK

 In case of mechanical issue after the transaction, you are alone

 You are not safe from a possible scam (stolen car, damaged, ongoing loans for the car, etc …)

Buy from a private seller via TAKTAK

TAKTAK brings you the best deal. It’s simple, fair and the quality of the product is guaranteed.

 TAKTAK determines a fair price with the best quality to price ratio 

 TAKTAK chooses only cars in perfect condition 

 TAKTAK excludes any car which has been damaged even if repaired afterwards. The smallest details are taken into account.

TAKTAK gives you peace of mind : 12 months of mechanical warranty

Buy from a car dealer

That’s you and your chance. Some car dealers are very good, other one very bad and a lot are average.

 You get a 1 year warranty (imposed by law)

 It is more expensive

 You have no idea who was the previous owner

 It is common that car dealer repair damaged cars to sell them

Concretely, what does TAKTAK for you ?


TAKTAK determines the fair price to match the real market value


TAKTAK checks 180 points :

  • the authenticity of the vehicle’s papers 
  • the vehicle maintenance history 
  • that the vehicle has never been damaged
  • a complete mechanical diagnostic of the vehicle
  • a complete electronic diagnostic (onboard computer)


A 12-months mechanical warranty, peace of mind is priceless


Vendez votre voiture au meilleur prix, au plus vite et sans aucun soucis. Sell your car at the best price, quickly and without and hurdle.

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